MEC Bikefest: Ride On!

Spotted one gigantic bird!

Without a doubt... yesterday's MEC Bikefest was a huge success for us.

The weather started out cold and wet and I said to Carolle to bundle up. In fact, I wore two cycling jerseys, my Castelli jacket, cycling cap, 3/4 shorts and leg warmers ...just like going out for a winter ride.

Wearing layers & ready to go!

However, by mid day the sun came out dried up the leftover rain and put a smile on everybody. Us included! Many folks showing interest in our Galstudio cycling caps and inner tube products. Our handmade cycling caps were our best sellers of the day. And we learn valuable feedback that will help to improve our products.

Special thanks go to Stephanie Ruane and her staff of MEC Bikefest for inviting us as vendors and for putting on a fun cycling family event. The Olympic Athletes Way plaza was a good location right off the False Creek bike path and I hope the MEC organizers will keep it here for next year. 

Our friends showed up too, and I want to thank them for their support; Jim/Jen, Toby/Pam and Nick. And of course an extra thanks to the rest of our customers.

A fun cycling event and our first cycling show for us. We'll be back next year. 

I'm satisfy to see so many cycling enthusiasts and I believe Vancouver is shaping up to become a solid biking community! 

Providing customer service.

The weather did turn out for fun MEC events!