Trike Ride

We saw our first Google Trike (like this one)
 on the SFU campus!

Yesterday, was a good jolt for three reasons; a). first day of Summer b). ride up the 370 m high Burnaby Mountain with Guy and c). good espresso up there.

What a beautiful sunny and warm day to celebrate Summer solstice. Our Spring is thankfully over and hopefully the grey weather. Guy and I got back into riding and smoothly cruised up Burnaby Mountain Pkwy. I dare say we both rode with the coup de pédale ...that special feeling of 'floating'. At least that's how I felt until reaching the very top as the sweat dribbled into my eyes stinging them. I had to slow down and finally wiped my eyes to reach Guy. He sure made me work, all the while riding on a rear tyre with a slow leak.

At the top, we passed a Google trike, on the upper road of the SFU campus. Guy turned to me and said, "That's an easy job." Google street view cars are recording the roadways. Now, their trikes are recording the pedestrian walkways, parks, trails, and university campuses.

It's one of my favorite rides up to SFU. And we're already talking about the real climb up Seymour mountain ...very soon. Where I'll get a chance to test my 39X25!

Espresso Break
between our trike ride.


Empidog said…
Zappi top I see Rich and nice weather...Excellent
Richard said…
I feel like I'm part of the team. Cheers!