Greg & I in Port Moody

This is the long weekend here in the province of British Colombia and it's a day off this Monday. The weather is improving and under sunny skies (24C) I reconnected with an old friend, Greg.

We decided to put in a good ride out to Port Moody to one of my favorite coffee stops. I haven't seen Greg in two years and we have our birthdays on the same day. So, a double celebration as we had an excellent ride powering on Barnet Highway past the Burnaby Velodrome and into Port Moody. I bought him a birthday coffee and it was so good to chat with him.

I've known Greg since my days in Edmonton so we have a lot in common. Now, it's a matter of working around our busy schedules and we plan more rides in a few weeks... and thankfully not in another two years!

With Greg,
coffee in the tank & about to leave for Vancouver.


Groover said…
Happy birthday, Richard! Sounds like the perfect birthday weather for a birthday ride!
Richard said…
Thank you Sandra! Yes it certainly was a perfect day!