Sean Kelly: Steamer Trunks

1988 Vuelta...
Steamer Trunks.
(Barry Sandland)

I recently talked to a middle age cyclist and he had the wonderful opportunity to ride with Sean Kelly in sportive ride. He described the great Kelly still has legs that look like ...steamer trunks.

Kelly was known as the Ironman, describe in good company with fellow Flandrian, Briek Schotte. Kelly is a Flandrian, the Flemish fans and media adopted him as one of their own.

He won many one day classics and he also won one grand tour: the 1988 Vuelta. Winning with his amazing will to win. He was probably the last rider using toe clips/pedal straps. Kelly won a stage and the final ITT beating out Alselmo Fuerte, probably one of his finest ITT rides... with those steamer trunks!