Tour du Limousin

The Tour du Limousin is underway.

This four-day Tour is held in France and promises to be competitive. Organizers have excluded the time trial  this year. Normally, this race is treated like a series of one-day races so it goes to the truly aggressive riders.

SpiderTech is here, captained by Svein Tuft and this mini Tour should bring out his trademark aggression for a chance at a stage victory.

Go SpiderTech!
National Road/TT champion, Svein Tuft with his Spiders at
the start of stage 1.

Stage 1 Results:
1. Bjorn Leukmans (Vacansoleil)  3:59:46
2. Florian Guilou (Bretagne)  5secs
3. Thomas Degard (Veranda)  14secs
4. Romain Hardy (Bretagne)  21secs
5. Yukiya Arashiro (Europcar)  st
31st Svein Tuft  st