Biking in Paradise

Roberts Creek Park

Carolle and I returned from a wonderful six day work/holiday trip on the BC Sunshine Coast where we stayed in the beautiful town of Gibsons.

Of course, I brought my Marinoni looking for a new riding adventure. This is our third time over here and I can say it won't be the last. It's very picturesque, a beautiful small coastal postcard that I can quickly get used to looking at.

One with Chaster Park...

My friend Helene warn me that the roads are extremely narrow to ride on and the cars, at times, too close to cyclists. I told her I'll be visible and will ride with presence of mind. I don't want to boast but I used to be a bike messenger... I can elbow the cars away if they get too close.

With that in mind, and elbows up, I rode along the hilly, narrow Gower Point Road and Ocean Beach Esplanade admiring the Salish Sea. I had no problems sharing the roads with the automobiles, in fact, around tight bends they had to follow me. There was a third element on the roads that was new to me... deer leisurely crossing the road. I saw one pop off from the side of the road. It caught me by surprise because it came from the shadows and darted across to the other side of the road, only a few feet from me. The sound of the clack from it's cloven hoofs on the road is not from a dog. When I rode pass, it ran into a driveway I saw what I thought was a Great Dane, it was the figure of a deer.

It wasn't only about cycling, we also finished a big order and even shipped off cycling caps from the town's little post office. Gibson is also well know for it's clean drinking water and was judged to be the best in the world. It has no after taste and I can say it's very refreshing. There's an outdoor water dispenser where anyone can fill their containers with the liquid gold

Now I know why it's called the Sunshine Coast, it was sunny and hot and I got in some quality riding time. Many thanks to Helene and Graham for sharing their paradise with us. And, it's only a 40 minute ferry ride ... we'll be back!

Cool artwork in Roberts Creek...

Gibsons picked blackberries...
Carolle baked!

... liquid dessert by
Cannery Brewing!
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Empidog said…
Beautiful..Hope you enjoyed the pie and beer...Where was my invite....Lol
Richard said…
It sure was paradise!