The Cobo-Might Maneuver

34 X 32 does it!

It was extraordinary to watch the stage to the top of the extremely steep Angliru.

At one point motorcycles stopped and riders looked eerily close to going backwards.

The hurt locker going up with the 1 km to go flag.

The Queen stage for the Queen size mountain left plenty of riders experiencing their own hurt lockers. On the ugly 22% gradient, Juan Jose Cobo (Geox-TMC), reportedly the only rider with 34 X 32 gearing called it his race and rhythmically rode away ...from everyone else. He seemed to have picked the right gearing or was it his mechanic? His mechanic should receive an extra Estrella!

No matter, with a strong performance from his front leading Geox team (Sastre, Menchov & company), Cobo is the new leader only 20 seconds in front of a superb Chris Froome and 46 seconds from Bradley Wiggins.

The Geox-TMC is impressive and there's still a week of racing left, my question ...can the Cobo lead Geox team keep up the hurt locker clinic?

The Pain in Spain!


GS said…
Great Blog, happy I found you! Angliru looked pure evil, I'm sure it felt like it aswell!