Badger Privileges

The Black Badger
Fabulous World of Cycling-1983 Season

Bernard Hinault won the 1983 Fleche Wallonne dominating the race wearing a special jersey.

It's hard not to be captivated by the impressive results of the Badger. It's hard not to put down Richard Moore's equally captivating book, Slaying The Badger.

Hinault already won the 1979 Fleche Wallonne, and the Badger was claws at the ready controlling the race from start to win at the end in Huy.

Interestingly the picture is Hinault wearing a black Renault jersey, making him look more lethal and aggressive. I've posted a video of the race and notice LeMond and Madiot both wearing the normal striped jersey. And, note the Badger logo's on his hairnet, Cinelli stem and headtube badge.

The Badger's special privileges!


Gitane said…
The Jersey he is wearing is a foul weather jersey, with a windscreen on the front. Fignon and LeMond used these from time to time in 83/84.