Brotherhood of the Stache: Eric Van Lancker

Eric Van Lancker gets my nod for the 
Brotherhood of the Stache!
(Guy Dedieu)

I was researching the 1989 Amstel Gold Race about Steve Bauer and Claude Criquielion and discovered this excellent but short video of the race.

Not to take anything from the fine solo win by Belgium Eric Van Lancker, the race for second was a sprint royale between to old foes from the eighties. Not soon as Van Lancker crossed the line for a brilliant victory, Bauer and Criquielion found themselves, once again in familiar territory. 

This time Criquielion outlasting Bauer, each rider was exceptionally strong at the finish. And as Movember is in full swing... a great image of Eric Van Lancker in full stache 1980's style with Team Fangio!

Bauer vs Criquielion