Kicking Horse Coffee: Getting My Kicks

I opened the box and entered Kicking Horse Coffee nirvana!

Kicking Horse Coffee is a reason to start your day off with ...a kick.

I want to thank them for sending me a sample can of their dark roast Kick Ass (love the name) whole bean coffee. Quick delivery too so I can enjoy my coffee sooner.

The company is 15 years old nestled in the famous Rocky Mountain town of Invermere, BC, Canada. Reassuring to know that this fine coffee is certified organic, free trade certified and the can is made from recycled steel cleverly designed to store more of the many varieties of their coffee blends.

I quickly mentioned their coffee in a previous post. It must've been the cool chainring logo that caught my eye. Cycling and coffee goes so well together. After I tried the coffee, I was soon kicked!

Cycling & Coffee is the ultimate blend!
(Images courtesy from Kicking Horse Coffee).

This morning I anxiously opened the Kick Ass coffee and enjoyed a dark roast coffee that (like the name says) kicked my A**! This coffee ranks as my favorite and the pleasant jolt I received was most welcomed. In fact, the only way to get Carolle out of bed is to do the same... with this fine coffee.

It's not only fine organic coffee they sell, and to my surprise there is organic teas, chocolate and very nice accessories to be had. You can buy their products in many stores in Canada. If you don't live in Canada, don't despair, you can get your kick from their online store.

You can also follow them on facebook and twitter

Kick Ass...
Dark-roasted attitude!

If you are a coffee lover (I'm loyally one) this is the best gift any coffee lover would want!


Empidog said…
Love De Coffee....
Richard said…
I'm getting kicked right now!