The last 3 remaining Brits

Stylin' with the Brits winter cap in Movember.

Working with 100% wool has been a revelation.

Our handmade Brits winter cycling cap is made of 100% wool. And we originally thought that working with this fiber would be difficult. What is usually associated with wool is shrinkage and pilling (when the wool mats together due to friction from washing). Our secret is to wash the wool fabric gently by HAND and press it. This extra step prevents any further shrinkage so you can confidently hand wash your sweaty cap.

This is our first 100% wool cap made. And by the excellent and overwhelming feedback from our customers we are pleased to announce that we will be working more with 100% wool and other natural fibers.

I love the Brits cap so much I had to bargain with Carolle for my own (above image). Wool is a rare natural fibre that will retain it's warmth even when damp. So I plan to sweat in mine.

If you're quick, you too can have a Brits winter cycling cap. In fact, I have only 3 left.

Here's the most recent comment from a new Brits winter cap owner...

A great-fitting, beautifully-made cap from beautiful material. The addition of the 'British Woolens' label is a classy touch. Credit to Richard and Carolle for preserving and promoting the classic cycling cap amidst the increasing ubiquity of the baseball cap.
Stuart, UK.

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Jim said…
100% Wool! Wonderful. Now I have to choose between two of your wonderful winter hats that I already own, and yet another new one! Decisions, decisions...
Richard said…

Make your decision very soon... there is only 2 Brits left!