Pou Pou

Bloodied hero

Raymond Poulidor rode 14 Tours and finished 12, second place three times and third place five times. An amazing record in itself and he never once wore the yellow jersey.

In 1973 he almost lost his life careening down the Col de Portet d'Aspet falling into a ravine. Jacques Goddet, the race director, helped pull him out. Pou Pou abandoned.


Farelli said…
Poulidor wasgreat. But a record? What about Joop Zoetemelk?
Richard said…
Joop has 16 Tours completed. Poulidor has the distinction of finishing 8 times in the top three.
Farelli said…
As I am Dutch I have to reply.
Joop completed every Tour he started, won once, was 6 times second and 3 times fourth.
And indeed, he did not finish 8 times in the top three but seven.
Joop is the real eternal second.
And I enjoyed Poulidor a lot. :)
Richard said…
Thanks for your comment, Joop has a fantastic Tour record