Thinking of the Off Season

Fiorenzo Magni getting ready for a training ride.
Note the spare tyre in the bottle cage, fenders for 
the foul weather and classic wool knickers!

The cycling season is over and most riders have elected to ease off the bike or just stop for a much needed break.

Now, if you're fortunate enough to live in an area where you can avoid the nasty weather conditions (ie snow), then you've got it made. So continuing to ride, to keep the much needed fitness level up, is the perfect off season tonic.

Today was -2C dry and happily snow free, in Vancouver. I couldn't go out for a ride but I did watch as a group of two wheel hearty souls rode by my front window for a chilly morning training ride. How I wish I could do the same only that this is our busiest time of the season, that means work before pleasure.

But there are exceptions. With the recent news of Yaroslav Popvych back to November training, a month earlier than usual to peak for Paris-Roubaix is ... a rare breed. He plans to help Cancellara win and get a good result. Now that's commitment.

As I sit. pondering when I can fit in a couple of hours for a ride, I can smile that someone, somewhere is out there pounding the pavement with their two wheeled partner.

At this point, just thinking of my next ride ...makes me happy!


Ak said…
I am not really into track cycling (velodrome) but when the weather is below zero as you have to endure it might be an option I would look at more seriously. Better than the stationary trainer!
Ak said…
I am not into track cycling (indoor velodrome) but when the weather is as cold as you have to endure I would consider it more of an option!
Richard said…
Funny you should say that I don't have the time for track but I'm pondering a stationary trainer!