New Years Eve Ride

Taking a pit stop...
Unseasonably sunny in December.

Guy and I closed this busy 2011 year with our UBC ride stopping at Cafe Zucherro on fourth Avenue.

It was unseasonably dry and sunny, despite the cold conditions (felt like 0C), it was a perfect day for a ride. A good time  to chat about news, have a double espresso and ride. Cafe Zucherro may well be our favorite cafe stop along our UBC loop. I almost forgot how good their double espresso is... absolutely gold.

Overlooking scenic Georgia Strait.

The burly Italian barista, once again, was most welcoming and colorful, keeping us entertain. We were the only cyclists in the cafe and he quickly zero in on us saying he wouldn't ride in such cold weather. All I can think was, "Wear layers". He shook our hands and wished us a Happy New Year. What a gentleman!

Winter riding is about quality and we took advantage of the dry road conditions for some relaxation hammering. I always like the NW Marine Drive hill, not steep but very scenic overlooking English Bay. We stopped to admire the view on SW Marine Drive and with the sun breaking through the clouds it was pretty special.

I used my newly acquired Endura Roubaix Gloves and they performed admirably. One small critique is that the gloves are not cut high enough to ward off the cold chill. All in all, I'm happy with them providing enough grippy plastic on the palms and fingers for a comfortable and secure ride. Importantly, there is terry cloth on the thumb to wipe off excess sweat.

Used my Endura Roubaix gloves (love the name) for the first time...
one word, Perfect!
Also, the brand new ITM tape is extra nice!

It's fun when we're riding at a good clip, I call it floating. We flew onto Kent Ave then I made my turn, for home, on the Ontario Street Bikeway. A memorable and fun ride to end 2011!

So, with only a few hours left we'll all look forward to 2012...

A hearty Thanks! to all that follows my blog and to the new folks that stop by!

Wishing All... A Happy New Year!


Groover said…
Happy New Year, Richard! I have to congratulate Guy on his Groundeffect jacket! Good choice! However, somehow he doesn't look half as excited as you about the cool conditions. :-) Glad you enjoyed the ride.
Richard said…
HNY to you Sandra!

I'll send him your greetings... he has that COLD WEATHER LOOK!