Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my Marinoni

Marinoni Time!
Courtesy Guy Wilson-Roberts

This year marks the 25th anniversary of my Marinoni.

Last year, as my loyal followers know, I had my faithful Marinoni restored to a level that I'm very proud of.

I decided a repaint was over due and decided on the newly revamped 2011 Campagnolo Veloce 10 speed groupset. By the way, it's working impeccably. On my twitter feed, James sent me an very interesting article of his late eighties Marinoni for restoration and plans to build it with a mix of old Campy components.

It's funny, I stopped riding it around 1996 and basically stored it for about 11 years, even moving it to Montreal and back thinking one day that I would bring it back to life.

In 2007, I had it partially restored, adding new rims and just getting it back on the road.

But, I wanted more...

In 2011, I first heard of Cycles Marinoni offering to repaint it's old frames, I couldn't resist that calling. Looking at the rust spots, It really was in need of a repaint. I contacted the guys at Peninsula Cycles in White Rock. They would pack and ship off the frame, for the repaint, to Marinoni in Terrebonne, Quebec and afterwards build it.

I chose medium blue (sadly, no longer offered on their site) with white banding keeping the old script for the traditional look. My inspiration came from the Italian Ferretti team of the seventies, here. Where they used a striking medium blue on their De Rosa's.

You may have notice, I now have a link on the top menu with a concise collection of imagery about my restoration experience. And, on the left margin I invite you to go ahead and click on my Marinoni image to see the full restoration project.

A hearty thanks to everyone that helped make my dream project come true: Cycles Marinoni, Peninsula Cycles, Hans Sipma (studio images), Dave Harrison (for supplying the period specific Columbus stickers) and Carolle for her support and patience.

If you are thinking of restoring your faithful Marinoni, I hope my experience will help you further your own M experience.

Happy 25 Marinoni and many more!



Jason said…
looking good with the marinoni richard!
Richard said…
we're just leaving from the cafe stop, definitely a good test ride! Cheers Jason!
Empidog said…
Short 25..Looking good