Chocolate Milk Envy

Drink your drink!

I'm reading quite a few articles online that chocolate milk (low fat) is a popular and proven recovery drink beating out the lights of some sports drinks.

The humble, affordable and tasty chocolate milk found in most convenience stores has plenty of research in favor of this idea. Here's an article from The Telegraph.

I'm not much of a sports drinker. I know there are benefits from it. But it's worth while to investigate further of the humble chocolate milk.

Studies suggest chocolate milk naturally has protein and carbohydrates that helps build lean muscle and provides fluids for rehydration and minerals like potassium, magnesium and sodium key electrolytes that are loss in sweat.

Importantly, consuming it within 30 minutes of finishing the workout. This is key. The longer you wait the more you diminish the effect of the supplement.

In fact, I bought this carton of 2% chocolate milk (image) yesterday to test it out. It tastes great just like I remember it as a kid. I've stopped drinking milk since my early twenties and just come back to it due to all the positive articles.

I plan to give it a test, right after a hard ride and look forward to embrace the health and low cost benefits from good ole chocolate milk!


It always works for me......Enjoy.!

Richard said…
I'll drink to that!
AMR said…
I would stick to the non-milk diet and prepare your protein/cocoa drink once you are home. There are benefits in not drinking the stuff, specially from the shop's shelves. That's me.
Richard said…
Great idea! Carolle suggested the chocolate soy milk.