Classy Merckx

The New UMX-S...
Simplify Beauty.

Inspired by the one-hour record in Mexico City in 1972, the gorgeous UMX-S by Eddy Merckx Cycles is breathtaking. Made for the urban cyclist, the hybrid single speed/fixed gear is complimented by brakes. The  bike honors Eddy's exemplary rides in the Molteni colors. Add a splash of pink (5 Giro's), yellow (5 Tour's), rainbow stripe (3 wins) and the Belgium colors are classy accents to remind everybody it's a Merckx.

The Old Beauty.

Will they make a classic multi gear, steel lugged, straight road geometry frame to further satisfy the fans?

We can dream!


Flow said…
Thinking about adding this beauty to my stable, now the question is 'how much?'.
Richard said…
It's a brand new model I haven't seen any pricing yet!

good choice!
Flow said…
From a bike shop near Bonn, Germany; 14 speed - 2600 euro ($3385 Can., ouch!), single speed is 1100 euro ($1430 Can.).