Forza!... Tifosi!

Finally! I had the chance to test ride my new Tifosi Forza Glasses!

I purchased these cool looking sunglasses over the holidays to replace my old Ryders. A very good change as my old Ryders were destined for the trash. A surprise break in our wintry grey forecast to a much needed sunny day got myself back on my Marinoni headed up my favorite Burnaby Mountain.

These Tifosi's (like the name) score huge points for lightness (I don't notice them on), fit/comfort and good looks. They are single lens glasses and protect for 100% of UVA, UVB and UV400 rays.

Kudos to Tifosi for a good, functional design and very comfortable pair of sunglasses, already my favorite pair. I have a different pair with interchangeable red lenses that I use on cloudy days.

And, one last bonus; they're included with the perfect hard case to keep the Forza's in good shape and a thoughtful microfiber cleaning bag to wipe them when dirty.

Forza!... Tifosi!