It's All About The Bike

If you haven't read, "It's All About The Bike", by Englishman and intrepid world avid cyclist, Robert Penn... please do.

Inspirational, captivating and just plain I envy this man for having the chance to go to many of cycling's major manufacturers to build his dream machine. It's all worth reading. Really, after reading it, I'm still smiling after his exciting journey to build his dream bicycle. 

In a way, I've gone through a mini-journey, myself, with my Marinoni restoration. A few bumps, here and there, nothing that we can't deal with, to restore my 25 year old two wheel friend. 

And, that's where I (let's include all of us cyclists) have a common bond with Mr. Penn that the journey on two wheels .... is by far the most interesting way to reach the end!


Unknown said…
rejuvenating post!

for a person who loves his bike, you go the whole distance!
Richard said…
Thanks very much! I feel that I'm just beginning the ride!
Empidog said…
Need I say more.Its got to be done when you reach my age..Back to Oudenaarde this weekend for the Beer and then to Koksjide for the CX World Champs...Get in...!!
Richard said…

I'm with you in spirit! Way to go!