VW DoubleBack Van

Ok, bear with me, this may have nothing or everything to do with cycling. Let's briefly talk four wheels to carry two wheels.

As a proud former owner of a 1972 VW campervan, I was gasping for air after seeing the new DoubleBack VW Campervan. A simple push of a button the rear extends sensibly. I always thought Volkswagen was way ahead with the simple and utilitarian camper van. You can drive almost anywhere, sleep in it, eat/cook in it and simply live in it. That's what I did for a summer. And, it helps if you have that Volksy hippie laid back mindset that everything will be all right and just enjoy the ride. It was called, "Fukengruven."

I can imagine this DoubleBack loaded with bikes and going off aimlessly to the nether-reaches to ride.

It's only available in the UK... but you can't stop a guy from dreaming!


Empidog said…
Nice..I'm sure you can get a LHD version for you lot who drive on the wrong side of the road.....HaHa
Richard said…
my friend has a RHD Celica van I haven't tried yet. He says it's tricky to turn left!
Erwin Calverley said…
Everytime VW creates a new version of their classic cars, they retain that vintage feel and their trademark as the "people's car." This camper van is different because it's not only spacious, but also has a doubleback, which can be used by the whole family when traveling.

Erwin Calverley
Richard said…
a true peoples car Cheers!