March Madness; Espresso & Sprinters

Today, Eddy Boasson-Hagen
stands his ground.

Looking outside this morning, the rain was back with a vengence.

Yesterday, Guy and I rode to the top of Burnaby Mountain. A pleasant dry day on top of the mountain with a welcome double espresso courtesy from Guy. He rode his Orbea and I, my trusty Marinoni having nothing to concern us except for time. Even time was on hold for us.

la pavoni,
 la practical espresso machine, Italian made of course.

Our cafe conversation turned to this year's Tirreno-Adriatico as the precursor to the classic Milan-SanRemo. We mulled over our favorites to win. I know Guy likes Peter Sagan as surprise winner. He's been up there challenging for the sprints, today finishing third in Terni. Boasson Hagen is one of my dark horses for MSR. But, he has the tough position of supporting Cavendish, today he was allow to win. Friere, Modolo, Haussler, Greipel, Hushovd & Goss... head my list of riders that have that chance to win.

One of the comforts of the ride was the other hot topic... the noble espresso. It spurs one to desire it, and having it spurs you on your ride. I fancy a machine, I would be happy just having double shots of espresso daily. But, during this early March, a sort of March madness descends with MSR in the near distance.

Thoughts turn to March 17.