Paris-Nice: The Boonen Bus

All aboard the renew Boonen bus,
difficult to catch! 
John Degenkolb (it4i)  and Jose Joaquin Rojas (Movistar) tried.

Tom Boonen won his 100th UCI race of his career today, sprinting fabulously to win stage 2 to Orleans of Paris-Nice. Crosswinds, sleet, a little sunshine and cold was the menu of the day as the contenders tried to keep safe. 

Bradley Wiggins rode extremely well and kept up with the charging and at times frantic pace of the 21 man break taking over the yellow jersey. He'll have to watch out for hungry contenders Levi Leipheimer (6secs) and Tejay Van Garderen (11secs).

For Boonen, he looks like his old killer self and he's working towards his first goal, Milan SanRemo...

All aboard the Boonen Bus!

If you thought the crosswinds and cold were a problem
the 1937 race had this challenge...