Fantastic Footage of the 1994 Milan San Remo

A parade of stars,
March 19, 1994

Here's a fascinating memento, pre-race, of the 1994 Milan-SanRemo.

A who's who of the nineties cycling fraternity. I find this highly interesting, of fans screaming out riders' names, having an autograph and just staring at the riders as they paraded before them. I can't think of a sport where the athletes and fans can mingle so close to one another. 

What puts it into context is the repeated images of the imposing gothic, Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). The riders, some famous and not-so famous, pop into the view of the camera, a documentary snapshot of that era. I recognize a few riders in their team kits, another important aspect that puts it all into context. Certain kit designs should've never been allowed in the Pro Peloton... ie. Team Polti. See if you can spot the better looking kit (in my opinion) of Brescialat and one of it's famous riders. Hint: he's Belgian.

Add in the regal presence of Mario 'Lion King' Cipollini, with his slick over-gelled hair. Cipo, of course, was more than just glitz, he finished the race in second behind winner, Giorgio Furlan.

See if you can spot some of cycling's stars of the nineties!