FRF: Four Bridges Ride

Roll out,
Karel, Dylan & Guy.

I was watching this mornings Liege-Bastonge-Liege and was running late for my early morning rendezvous with our new Sunday group ride... Fraser River Fuggitivi (FRF).

Fortunately, I was able to watch the exciting ending as Maxim Iglinsky caught Vincenzo Nibali to stamp his monumental LBL victory. I'll have a detail post upcoming. It was perfect timing and then I was off to New Westminster to meet up with Guy.

Two riders, Karel & Dylan, joined us on our inaugural ride meeting at 9:15am from Tre Galli Caffe in River Market. It's fun to meet new riders as we cruised, under partly sunny skies, over the four bridges spanning Delta, Richmond and New Westminster. Nice to ride in group again spent time chatting and riding.

Clouds breaking up,
no chance of rain...

I'm feeling good about this group ride as Karel and Dylan were as excited as Guy and I to get out and enjoy exploring the roads along the Fraser River. Very good company today. Fun for me, because a few of these roads I've never rode or even driven on before. We had a couple of riders cancel due to work, hopefully we will see them for upcoming rides.

I'm inviting like minded local roadies who like to ride at an easy to moderate pace (25-30 kph) with us, enjoy excellent espresso, it certainly pass my test, and go out for a 50 kms fun Sunday morning ride. If you are game, then we would like your company. You can follow us on twitter. If you have questions; Email: guy(at) le-grimpeur(dot)net  or my Email: info(at)cyclingart(dot)ca

So, what does fuggitivi mean?

Guy has the last say...

Fuggitivi is the Italian expression for breakaway riders; the translation, perhaps unsurprisingly, is ‘fugitives’. It seemed like an appropriate choice for a name as sometimes escaping one’s other commitments to go for a ride can feel like being a fugitive.

Fuggitivi Shoulder Cam.