Giro Fashionistas: The Devil Wears Pink, Ride of Farnesse Vini

Didi chases Matteo.

Today is a most welcome rest day for the riders.

Yesterday's stage was epic with Matteo Rabottini winning, in dramatic fashion. That's what I want to touch, on briefly, fashion.

As the Giro is all about fashion, and the Italians have an upper hand here. The Farnese Vini-Selle Italia fluorescent yellow kit with the matching Cipollini bikes is certainly eye-catching. Why do you like it? or Hate it?

It stands out in the hyper mix of color kits in the peloton. And, it's easy to spot cresting over the fog shrouded mountain passes. One thing's for sure, it's a winner with Rabottini's heroic ride.

It may not be entirely all Italian as my fashion thumbs up goes to the wildly popular German icon, (No, it's not Jan Ullrich or Erik Zabel) it's Didi Seft because...

The Devil Wears Pink!