Hans' A Bicycle Ride; Vancouver 1974

Vancouver 1974

Hans sent me this wonderful time capsule called, "A Bicycle Ride: Vancouver 1974."

I actually saw this via twitter before he notify me and I didn't notice his name, along the bottom left corner, until now, I guess I'm going to have put my glasses on. This video has gone viral, an astounding 5000 hits in 2 days! And, CBC has interviewed Hans and he will appear on the evening news. I'll send a link as soon as it's published.

Enjoy this time capsule of an earlier Vancouver that looked, at times, more like an outpost than a city. Included is Hans' trademark humor with the VW tally. One aspect of this video is time, spot how much gas was in 1974 and we can see how parts of the city has made a marked change.

Hans said that he rode around 40 kms, using a  Braun Nizo Super 8 Camera mounted on his bicycle. He then re-traced the same route in 2011 shooting still images at key points to show then and now. Love the early Vancouver radio of the seventies, too. In 1974, I was growing up as pimply faced kid in Edmonton and I would have to wait 14 years before moving to Vancouver.

Bravo Hans for this fabulous time capsule!