Ryder's Big Week

 Ryder's awesome attack stage 14 to Cervinia to win back the pink jersey.
Photo Luk Benies

The final week of action starts today.

Ryder Hesjedal, currently 30s behind Joaquim Rodriguez, is ready to stamp his authority onto this exciting race. Holding the maglia rosa on two occasions the crucial final week of high mountains will be nothing but challenging and epic. Here's Ryder's thoughts...

It's been tough every day. This race always has something there to keep the stress high and the pain going. Hard to believe but yeah. I mean there's no way you can do it if you didn't. It's too hard, it's too long, it's too demanding. If you were hating it every moment, you wouldn't be here.

Sure there's hard moments and you're suffering and you'd rather be other places, but the rewards you get back from preserving, that's what keeps you here and I wouldn't trade anything for it. 

I'm completely satisfied with the race to date. I'll just take every days as a bonus and see how far I can take it to Milan. Definitely a race I won't forget. It's just been great. So, every day's been hard and important. And this last week, it's the same. Even the medium mountain days, they call them, in the first two weeks were brutal. It's been that way the whole race... I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, that's all there is to it.

We're in the groove now, and we just keep pushing through and it will be over before we know it.

An amazing two weeks done for the Canadian, wore the pink jersey (on two occasions) and looking ahead for further success...

Go Ryder!