Garmin SHARP! Barracuda

Ryder Sharp!

This in ...the new Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda kit!

Electronic giant Sharp is the new co-title sponsor. I like the additional red but, when I first saw it, I asked, Why downplay the Argyle? I love the argyle.

The more I look at it, the argyle design is downplayed and looks subtly stark but ever present. That's what I get from it. I suppose they don't want to overshadow the new red sponsor. I'm starting to see it's a clever design that grows on you.

A design that I find!

Diesel at the ready...
Johan Van Summeran

Liking the predominately black shorts avec blue banding.

wind tunnel testing for Castelli

New kit means new vehicle kit!

Love this...
Maple leaf Cervelo R5: Boy that's a slammed stem!


Jim said…
I'm loving the return to (mostly) black shorts!