Mancebo & the 'Next Merckx'

Tour de Beauce
Stage 1 goes to Mancebo, Roth in second.

Defending Tour de Beauce winner, Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist) won the opening stage in Lac-Etchemin beating out a rushing Ryan Roth (TeamSpidertech).  In the fast charging pack that followed, Christian Meier was 4th and Svein Tuft in 14th.

Stage 1 Lac-Etchemin 162 km

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Setting Sagan up...
Moreno Moser leading it out close to the finish. Afterwards, Sagan (4th in line) said,
"Moreno did a great job for me. This victory is thanks to him."

I read online that Peter Sagan has been touted as the 'next Merckx' after winning his third stage in the Tour de Suisse. They maybe some truth to the title: winning 5 stages at the ToC and 3 through 4 days of racing in TdS. Although there's some truism to this, of course it's early yet as I'm waiting of how he will do in the upcoming Tour...

I hope he has a big enough mantelpiece for all the trophies he'll be winning!

Stage 4 Aarberg-Trimbach/Olten 188.8 km

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Unknown said…
Sagan is good -- but sometimes I think that Eddy Merckx is the only historical point of reference that most cycling journalists have. As soon as anyone wins a lot of races in succession, or wins more than two major races in a season, he's suddenly the next Merckx. Winning a string of bunch finishes doesn't make you the next Merckx, but it might make you the next Cipollini. Likewise, winning a handful of classics in a single season won't make you the next Merckx, but it might make you the next Jalabert.