My Inner Colombian

Thanks Klaus, the highly fashionable socks and Pacho Rodriguez button are fantastic!

Today was the day to try out my new Cycling Inquisition socks.

I had the chance to leave rubber innertube production, my 2 hour window, and ride with the boys of FRFuggitivi. It IS Sunday.

So, here's my review on the socks. They are comfy, well made and importantly look good. I felt a tinge of my inner Colombian stirring on the simple climb of NW Marine Drive beside Locarno Beach Park. Dylan and Guy decided to play hard to get and bolted away from us. Except, I rode away from Brian and, I would like to believe my belief in my Colombian socks, carried me up the slope to the top. Call it my divine intervention.

The inspirational Colombian stripes!

How can I not feel Colombian... at least a little?

Klaus sent me a Pacho Rodriguez button too, another great Colombian rider of the eighties.

I remember Nairo Quintana winning the famous climb up to Morzine in the Criterium du Dauphine. If that's not inspiration enough; Rigoberto Uran Uran winning the Maglia Bianca at the Giro. In fact, Rigoberto is in our fair city of Vancouver, for about a month visiting his girlfriend (who is attending school). Images of him making coffee on the Musette Caffe facebook page.

Carolle and I also bought a pair of socks for Guy, to help him achieve his inner Colombian. I'm thinking wearing the socks will give us our Colombian Mojo and help us next Sunday on our hilly ride of Liège-Anmore-Liège.

Bring on them mountains!

Rigoberto Uran Uran, the Maglia Bianca.