Thomas Voeckler: Will We See His Panache?

Riding in the spotlight...
2011 Tour.

Will Thomas Voeckler ride the Tour?

Europcar is keeping mom on it. He did pull out of the Criterium du Dauphine with knee pain, then the following week leaving the Ruta du Sud race.

Two weeks ago, the French hero said,

I'm hopeful for the Tour. I have an inflammation of the iliotiabial tract, that is to say, the outside of the knee. I have to take a week off from cycling.

Voeckler had to miss the French national road championships. The man that is well known for his panache, he would be sorely missed for the Tour. Even if he comes back for the Tour, he may lose crucial preparation time. He was told to take a full week off the bike to rest his knee. And the question is if he would have the fitness level to compete his old self.

UPDATE: Thomas Voeckler is slated to lead the Europcar men in the Tour! The Panache is back!


Michael said…
I would miss seeing him in the bunch, and I imagine Team Europcar would as well, thus waiting until the last possible moment for a decision.
Richard said…

I just learned that he will lead the Europcar team in the Tour! I'm glad of that!