Book Review: Pop-Up Tour de France

This pop-up book will sit proudly in my cycling library!

A few weeks ago, Paintbox Press asked me to review the children's picture book, Pop-Up Tour de France: the World's Greatest Bike Race by Pamela Pease. As you all know, I'm a huge Tour de France fan and I was more than curious to review it.

I must admit, I was expecting a children's pop-up book, but what I found is an amazing, fun well research book on the Tour de France. I've read many Tour books written towards an adults perspective.


This fun and engaging book with the clever illustrations (love them) opens up the world of the greatest bicycle race in the World to young eyes. Again, it's well researched, compliments to Pamela Pease, for breaking down cycling to it's simple components. This is the perfect Tour book to educate. You don't have to be a loyal follower but you will become one. Flip the pages, only eight, and you'll find out what team Henri Pelissier rode for, what is a time trial (don't forget Saturday's TT), and a very good description of a cycling team.

The fun turn on, not only for kid's but for us adults too, is the interaction; spin, pull, push, flip ... it just puts a smile to your face. Thank you, Ms. Pease and Paintbox Press for this wonderful book and for allowing me to review it.

It's all in the details...
Polka dot jersey cut out...

fun Time trial pull out!