FRFuggitivi: Rockin' the Col du Indian Arm

Rockin' 24%!

Our FRFuggitivi Sunday ride took us to an unseen (for me that is) route past Deep Cove up to the scenic Indian Arm. Sounds exotic doesn't it?

It truly is scenic, woodsy and steep (at times 24%)! Mario took some excellent footage of us traversing the Col du Indian Arm. A sinuous, curvy ride down and of course back up with sharp switchbacks. As I think back, there are 3 climbs in total. The only rest bit is the beautiful wharf at the bottom, welcoming us.

Well, we had to go back up.

Between gasps I said to Mario,

I wish I had a compact, I'm riding on a 39X26.

His reply,

Wow! You'll have legs of iron!

I couldn't reply, dancing on top of my pedals and desperately finding oxygen, for a painful time. It was a beautiful rapture of pain, short but intense. We eventually all made it safely to the warm confines for a coffee. Good timing because the rain started and Guy had a rear puncture. The coffee and company was good as we tried to compare the severity of the climb with the Alps/Pyrenees. No contest, the European mountains extend further but for a very short duration there maybe a similarity.

Enjoy the video... it was both fun and painful to look at!

More pictures on Marios' Blog.

Map of Indian Arm climb.