Post Tour Criterium Roeselare: Ryder On Form

Ryder back on top!

The London Olympics road race is Saturday, the time trial Wednesday. 

The on form Ryder Hesjedal is ready for an herculean task. He'll be the lone wolf, only Canuck riding in the 145 man field. 

Before his arrival in London today, Hesjedal won a post-Tour Criterium in Roeselare, Belgium. Beating Giro third place Thomas De Gendt and Guillaume Van Keirsbuick. 

During the media scrum in London, Hesjedal was asked of his Olympic chances,

It's difficult to come up with a medal, certainly in the road race... It comes down to many moments and things have to go right. I'll do the best I can. And in the time trial, there's definitely a lot of specialists that have shown themselves in a top-three capacity. I'm going to do my best an see what happens.

I'm even more optimistic in my ability to perform in these one-day events.

Go Ryder!