Race of Truth for Clara Hughes

Clara leading the Olympic road race.

There's a golden story happening, for Canada's Clara Hughes.

What does the 39 year old Hughes do after finishing 32nd in the rain-drenched road race? Well, ride tomorrow's time trial!

One of Canada's most successful Olympians, participating in sixth Olympiads she has the race of truth to try for her seventh Olympic medal. If she does medal, Hughes would be Canada's most decorated Olympic athlete ever. Speed skater Cindy Klassen has six.

She has an amazing career; two bronze medals in the 1996 Atlanta road race & individual time trial. Sixth in the time trial at Sydney in 2000. Speed skating bronze in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games. Gold & silver in 2006 Turin and a bronze in 2010 Vancouver. What is also remarkable is that she decided to return back to competitive cycling after the 2006 Olympics... after 10 years away.

And, while there are favorites for tomorrow's 29 km race of truth, such as Kristin Armstrong and Judith Arndt ... don't count out the fiery Clara for a medal!

Women Time Trial startlist:

12:30:00 24 FERNANDES SILVA Clemilda (Brazil)
12:31:30 23 SUNDSTEDT Pia (Finland)
12:33:00 22 de VOCHT Liesbet (Belgium)
12:34:30 21 MOOLMAN Ashleigh (South Africa)
12:36:00 20 CORDON Audrey (France)
12:37:30 19 ANTOSHINA Tatiana (Russia)
12:39:00 18 TCHALYKH Elena (Azerbaijan)
12:40:30 17 GUDERZO Tatiana (Italy)
12:42:00 16 RAMSDEN Denise (Canada)
12:43:30 15 ZABELINSKAYA Olga (Russia)
12:45:00 14 FAHLIN Emilia (Sweden)
12:46:30 13 WORRACK Trixi (Germany)
12:48:00 12 CANTELE Noemi (Italy)
12:49:30 11 GILLOW Shara (Australia)
12:51:00 10 van DIJK Ellen (The Netherlands)
12:52:30 9 ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth (Great Britain)
12:54:00 8 JOHANSSON Emma (Sweden)
12:55:30 7 NEBEN Amber (United States)
12:57:00 6 POOLEY Emma (Great Britain)
12:58:30 5 HUGHES Clara (Canada)
13:00:00 4 VILLUMSEN Linda Melanie (New Zealand)
13:01:30 3 VOS Marianne (The Netherlands)
13:03:00 2 ARNDT Judith (Germany)
13:04:30 1 ARMSTRONG Kristin (United States)