Having Fun Hunting For The Perfect Fabric.

The all new 100% Wool Red Hunting winter cycling cap by
Red Dots Cycling.

We had fun naming/designing our new winter cycling cap...

It's called the Red Hunting Winter Cycling Cap from Red Dots Cycling. As we are serious in design and making our cycling caps we are also into having some fun. Being serious all the time is sometimes boring. So, on our trip to our fabric supplier we went 'hunting' for that certain color/fabric combination and this one stood out ...strikingly.

First thing I thought was hunting, the typical red lumberjack jacket from the 70s. Carolle agreed. She grew up in a family of hunters from northern Québec, embracing the red lumberjack jacket is the norm.

So, as the weather Falls colder, our 100% Wool Red Hunting cap will sure enough inspire you in pursuit of your next breakaway and also look fittingly as you chopped wood!