Autodrop Ltd: Lion of Embrocation

Operation Lion Embrocation!
courtesy: Autodrop Ltd.

I returned from my morning of errands and happily discovered Erich and Barry of Autodrop Ltd. had sent me a special package. In the package, I found 2 tins of Embro greeted by the Lion sticker and a handwritten note with important instructions...

Wait 12 hours after shaving to apply...

Best in use during temps 35-55F...

Remove with dish soap & rag.

Yes, as the temps are starting to dip to a noticeable chilliness (is that a word?). I am looking forward to using the Autodrop Ltd. Embrocation. I can tell you I have never used embrocation, so I eagerly look forward to using it. I'll have a review forthcoming. As you may know, Red Dots Cycling recently produced a striking custom cycling cap for Autodrop Ltd. Both available here.

Thanks very much to Erich and Barry of Autodrop Ltd. for sending the embro!