Busy from the Daily Race

Aad van den Hoek taking a short 'break'.
photo: Cor Vos

For the next four days I'll be busy at the Make it show selling our Red Dots Cycling products. I'm sensing it will be a wild affair, Christmas shows often are. So, that means with our careful preparation over, now it's showtime. I'm looking forward to a profitable time. Meanwhile, I'll use this image as a metaphor.

That's Aad Van Den Hoek of the famous winning Raleigh Creda team, going back to the team car for a little advice or is it reassurance? I love this image, of the steel Reynolds 753s lovingly equipped with Campagnolo, very classy. Whilst the race can often times be chaotic and unpredictable, one sometimes need to take a 'break' and that may mean following another strategy. That's what I'll be doing, getting out of the daily race... for four days. So, my next four days will be busy ones and my posts will be curtailed... momentarily.


The man in the car is Dries Van Acht; then premier of the Netherlands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dries_van_Agt
Richard said…
Very cool, thanks for this!