Friday File: Inflation & Championnats

Belgian Maurice Blomme inflates his tyre,
1950 TdF 

Friday time...

Good tyre inflation is so important part of bicycle maintenance, handling and safety. Every cyclist should know to check and inflate their tyres properly before each ride. In fact, I'm planning to buy a set of tyres for the winter. That means prudent research, and I must admit budget is an important factor when considering which tyre I decide on.

I now ride on clinchers. In the far past I used to ride on Tubulars. Not anymore. Makes sense to go clinchers due to cost and convenience. When I first competed it was tubs, clincher technology wasn't as it is now. And, now technology has moved along quickly to almost match tubs. Higher end clinchers can handle the same psi as tubs and are constructed with the same TPI (threads per inch).

I will stick to clinchers and have narrowed it down to Vittoria's. I haven't decided on the model but I'll go for something with tread to put a bite into winter's grip. My Marinoni is badly in need of full fenders. It doesn't have eyelets and it's low clearance. Perfect for Crud Roadracer Mudguards? Stay tune...

Seventy-five years ago...