Friday File: Road Holland Den Haag

The cycling jersey is the ubiquitous fashion statement of every cyclist.

For when we get on our bikes and ride it is partly fashion.

Properly made, with the right material and concentration to details are factors that I deem important. Also, it has to look good too.

Enter Road Holland's Den Haag cycling jersey. Could it be fate, that I'm reading Gino Bartali and his exploits in the most interesting book, 'Road To Valor' by Aili & Andres McConnon? One legend that was ubiquitous of the Golden Age of cycling.

Putting the Class into Classic.

That is where Road Holland took their inspiration for this classic jersey. I'm happy they did. The well-thought out details are a 'fitting tribute' of that era; three-button collared closure, front bold white/blue stripe design on chest/sleeve beautifully stands out. My jersey is the Road Black. That suits my Marinoni blue nicely. The very cool two-rear pockets give it that golden age finish.

I'm loving the collar jersey. I never thought I would wear one, until now. A throwback to the golden age when cycling was elegance. The comfort is all Road Holland, the right mixture of 'luxuriously soft and highly-breathable Merino wool/polyester blend. And I'm thankful for the XS size, for me, keeping my aging yet 'slim' look going. This jersey is classic and will be enjoyed on and off the bike.

I say, an old style smartly executed... and I believed the legendary Gino Bartali would also approved.

Thanks to Jonathan and Richard of Road Holland for the Den Haag cycling jersey... timeless elegance!

Brown large buttons easy to open and close the two rear pockets... understated.

Bartali & Coppi...
Elegance on the bike!