Change Cycling Now: Greg LeMond for UCI President

Greg LeMond after the 1985 Paris-Roubaix...
a dirty, muddy affair- he finished in fourth.

Greg LeMond knows a little something of the dirt on cycling.

And now together with the newly formed anti-doping pressure group, Change Cycling Now has demanded the resignation of Pat McQuaid. In case you don't know, C.C.N is funded by Aussie businessman Jaimie Fuller of Skins Sportswear. Along with cycling anti-doping crusader's: Greg LeMond, Dave Walsh, Paul Kimmage, Jonathan Vaughters, Christophe Bassons and Michael Ashenden is lobbying the UCI for much needed cycling reform.

And, what better man to help spear head the cause is the three-time American Tour winner, Greg LeMond. A man that has a long running feud with Lance Armstrong can be the next interim UCI president.

LeMond said...

Yes, if there's nobody else but I would do what I had to do and my goal would be to help the group. I was asked by this group, if we were successful, until we found a full-time president, would I be willing to step in as a temporary, interim president. I would do whatever I could to support this group and change the sport.

We need to find a great leader who can take the sport forward and repair the damage that has been done.

I still would love to see Armstrong come forward and reveal how, and I might even shake his hand if he would do this. Because I think what he could offer is insight into really what was happening... things don't happen by themselves. It was a huge effort by multiple people and he alone can reveal that. 

It would be one redeeming thing he could do for cycling, because he has done a lot of damage for cycling.

A change in cycling starts now... as a cyclist and cycling fan I'm throwing in my support for Greg LeMond as the next interim UCI president!


Johnny said…
Who's to say Greg Lemond didn't dope? How many drug controls did he have to pass in the late 80's/early 90's? Armstrong passed over 500 tests on the on and off season. Jealous Greg Lemond can now get back the thunder Armstrong stole from him all those years as being the only other American to have surpassed Lemond's records.
I really enjoyed this blog. very diverse, very suggestive. It will be an honor to have them on our blog


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