Friday File: Favorite Jerseys, Stones A Fresh Start

Famous Faema, 1970

Friday File time...

Christmas is fast approaching and it's nice to know it's around the corner. That means I plan to slow down a notch from work duties ...enjoy the holidays and ride. This is our busy time of the season, and I find myself always rushing doing errands, shipping off Red Dots Cycling orders and even making custom cycling caps. It just keeps on going and I'm profoundly looking forward to winding down for the holidays. I'd like to wish everyone...happy holidays!

With the start of the new cycling season, my eyes gravitate towards the new team cycling kit designs. A cycling team gets the chance to rework their kit in the off season and hoping fans will embrace the design and purchase the new team kit. There's a lot of awful kits, like this one, throughout the ages and one must think why oh why was it conceived.

Examples are too numerous to list but happily there's an equal amount that's always fancied my eyes. Of course, it's all subjective so before some of you go having a fit, have a look at a few of my favorite jersey designs from the past... give it a chance.

Simple, Italian style...
1955 Torpado

Lotto, 1986.

Vivi-Bennoto, 1983.

Toshiba, 1991

Rabobank is history, in it's place rises from the ashes is the new Blanco Pro Cycling Team. I'm slowly liking the kit. Unorthodox vertical stripes of black/white/blue, with just Giant and Blanco on the kit is uncommon but I welcome it. A new team, a fresh start a blank canvas.

Give it time... it'll work.

And, it's showtime...

Because you just can't stop them...

Aging Keith Richards and his fellow Stones are back promoting their new album GRRRR!