Winter Riding: Lighting the way.

My Blaze light permanently on for
the Winter.

I'm not riding as much as I want to during this winter.

There's no sun, rains most of the time (except for today) and generally cold and miserable. How to combat our west coast unique weather? Find some time during work, steal an hour away and get on the bike. I'm pretty lucky that I can do this as I work from home. The situation did present itself this afternoon, as the sun appeared (for a moment). Knowing that the sun does not stay long, the storm clouds are always in the background ready to unleash. Today I'm ready...

Darkness does come quickly and I decided to arm myself with my rear flashing light and front light. I use the 1/2 watt blaze from Planet Bike. I find it illuminates very well as I catch the oncoming drivers attention. That's what it's all about: SAFETY. If they see me then they know I'm there.

A good thing, as I started riding and (surprise) the sun disappeared into the dark clouds. Both of my lights are on flashing mode to get full notice from drivers, pedestrians and city road construction crews.

Works very well, so well a pedestrian spotted my flashing light as I turned the corner and waited for me to pass before crossing the street. Do pedestrians take cyclists with lights more seriously? When they do see the lights they do react.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have both front and rear lights on in the day. My rare winter rides just got safer. Colorful cycling gear is good but proper bicycle lighting ... just lights the way!

Rear flashing!
My 23 year old rear light... I bought this little gem
during my time as a bike messenger. 


Unknown said…
That Was Really Interesting. Riding Lighting the way!