Bicyclegifts For Unique Gifts

by Michael Varenti
courtesy Bicyclegifts

I'm proud to WELCOME BACK my sponsor, Bicyclegifts

For that hard-to-find cycling gift(s) this is the place to go to where you can find a dizzying array of amazing one-of-a-kind merchandise. There are many items to discover that are unique and fun... how about a chain bowl or bicycle sculptures?

My love for cycling art holds no bounds and the variety offered here is astounding. One of my favorite cycling artists is Michael Varenti (above). He creates wonderful poster art reminiscing of the popular Paris poster period of the late 19th century. Colorful, bold and whimsical... it's wonderful artwork.

Is there cycling clothing? Yes, of course. Check out the fine gear from Apres Velo, you will be pumped... I am!