Friday File: GripGrab Cover Socks & Belgian Style

Getting a kick out of my
 GripGrab Belgian style cover socks.

Yesterday, on my first ride of the season with Guy, I tested my new Cover socks by Danish based GripGrab. Cover socks is one of the most important pieces, I believe, one should have (if you don't have a pair already) as part of your kit arsenal. I already have a pair of all-weather water resistant shoe covers when the weather gets extremely cold and ugly. These cover socks are intended for fall/spring riding but I wanted to test them on the cold (1C) day. The construction is of a robust stretch knit fabric, black and striking red band in the rear. Again, I'm pushing the boundaries a little here and decide to wear them under cold conditions. The sock performed flawlessly repelling the road spray/gravel and providing my feet with the right amount of insulation. Doing what it's suppose to do and at the same time giving a classic racing look. After my 2 hour ride, my cover socks were dirty... no problem, hand wash them in cold, soapy water and hang dry. Job well-done, GripGrab!

As these cover socks are Belgian style, prompted further research into the origins of the first cover socks. Not an answer no where because no answer is needed when you talk about the Belgian style.

Belgian style!
Edwig van Hooydonck winner 1989, 1991 
Tour of Flanders.

This year, the Giro is promoting a five-gun battle ...

5-gun salute.

and one more Sean Connery style...

Happy riding!


Empidog said…
Gino liked a good smoke as well....Just finished the book you recommended..What a guy "Il vecchio"
Richard said…
Quite the rider... he never wanted to called a hero!