Friday File: Merckx 525, Li estrong the Musical, Tuft in San Luis & Backstage Pass TdU

 Friday File and lots of videos to watch...

In the fridge presents a new cycling book courtesy from the local library...

The much anticipated, 'Merckx 525' (VeloPress) by Frederik  Backelandt, Ron Reuman, Stephan Vanfleteren, Jan Maes and photographs by various. This massive book is large and abtly so due to the visually stunning photographs of the greatest racing cyclist ever... Edouard Louis Joseph Merckx. Produced when he turned sixty-five, it's a visual document loaded with many excellent images like the one above of him after winning the 1972 Milan-San Remo.

For my loyal readers... you may have noticed that I now have a new fridge that looks dwarfed by this huge and very heavy book. It's true. It is a small fridge. It's a large book, all the better because you cannot have a proper visual record of cycling thumbing through a small book. This book supports that wonderful visually sense for the images are rightfully large. By the way, enjoy it with your favorite liquid refreshment. I am with a local brew... Whistler Powder Mountain Lager, now my old favorite and turning into a classic beer.

Back to this gorgeous book on the Cannibal, there are images I have seen and many I haven't seen before. The majority of the photos are in black and white and few in color. I suppose the sign of the times in the sixties. One small gripe, I would love to see more color images. As I turn over page after interesting page the images are striking.

This massive book is worthy on any fan's well supported coffee table or bookshelf.

Hans sent me this statement from an art agency off their facebook page and this video on quite possibly the new upcoming...  Livestrong Musical!

Armstrong's legacy will provide dream material for satirists.

Congratulations to our TT champ, Sven Tuft (Orica-GreenEdge) for riding a fantastic TT to win stage 4 (19.2km) at the Tour de San Luis. He opens his season with a blistering win in a time of 22 mins 14 secs. Tuft said,

This time of year, I'm not always sure what I'm going to get. I've had good feelings but I was a little surprised at how hard it felt when I was out there. I forget every year how hard it is. I think that's what allows me to keep doing it. It was a wide open highway-type course. It included two roundabouts and a couple corners. That's it. It was really simple in that sense. The wind was a bit difficult going out, and the downhill sections were super fast. It's definitely a course made for me. I look to take advantage of every opportunity to time trial. 

I did a lot of strength and endurance in the off season. Working with Marc Quod (Orica team trainer) has been very good. It's probably been one of the better winters for me. I've focused on things that I don't normally work. We kept the training really simple and I think that helped. There's never any guarantee of good form, so when I have it, I'm ready to make the most of it.

Tuft on course to victory!

Good to see the season starting, so good here's the Orica GreenEdge backstage pass from stage 4 TdU. Nice mention from Robbie McEwen on Sven Tuft's very nice win at the Tour de San Luis.

Minus the Orica crashes, the on form, Andre Greipel wins his second stage of the race... 

HURTIN' out there,
and NO MESSIN' with the Gorilla!