Garmin-Sharp: Taking it to the EDGE

Garmin Presents.... The Edge: Let others follow!

Product placement is essential to any company with something to sell.

Cycle racing is plenty alluring with the speed, color, noise and athleticism. Cycling jerseys let you know who their sponsors are and will make it hard for you NOT to forget. But that's what it's all about selling a brand(s) through cycling. Here's a clever ad from Garmin-Sharp, starring; Andrew Talansky, Dan Martin, Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar and boss-man Jonathan Vaughters. Cool gadgets on offer using star riders to sell it in spell-binding settings, a superb video... I'm on the Edge!

Early Publicity ...
after the first stage, 1903 Tour de France. 
Maurice Garin rode
a bicycle from La Francaise.