New Cycling Inquisiton 'tierra fria' Winter Cap!

The new tierra fria Cycling Inquistion winter cap!
Red Dots Cycling

It's cold January and I'm very happy to report that the winter cycling cap is alive and well.

I suppose I call myself old school when it comes to cycling caps. Let's see, I have always worn one on the bike ... summer through winter. If you are fortunate enough to get out for a winter ride you know how cold it can be. I see many cyclists with the skull cap under their helmets. Whilst it does provide the warm insulation layer for the head it falls short with no brim.

For our winter cycling caps we include the humble brim performing practically in two ways shielding eyes from sunny glare and keeping away the rain or snow.

This winter season has been very busy with the high demand for our Red Dots Cycling custom winter caps. Klaus from Cycling Inquisition put in another order for his popular Colombian caps. He also requested a new winter cap!

The classic tierra caliente Cycling Inquistion summer cap!
Red Dots Cycling

Going to the drawing board is always fun, so Carolle and I designed a very special Colombian winter cap adorned with the iconic Colombian stripes (red, blue & yellow). Klaus sent us the very special Colombian ribbon sourced in Bogota from his mother and godmother. So, together with our handmade expertise and the Bogota born ribbon a special handmade winter cap is born!

I never would think that Colombia gets very cold and thought of it as a warm country. But, thanks to Klaus' informative Cycling Inquisition blog... the temperature does have extremes - tierra caliente ("hot land") to tierra fria ("cold land"). Thus the names for his Summer cap: tierra caliente and Winter cap: tierra fria.

We now have worked closely with Klaus producing his special Colombian caps and now the new winter caps... a steady progression of fun. I have a special fondness for Colombian riders and for their inner strength as fine grimpeurs. Lucho Hererra, Fabio Parra & Patro Jimenez comes to mind. Guys from the eighties that helped ignite the Colombian fuse in the Tour. It's a pleasure to be associated with Klaus and making his dream of Colombian caps - tierra caliente & tierra fria -  come true!

Winter cap: tierra fria: handmade from wool blend, black with Colombian ribbon from Bogota. The wool blend fabric will keep you toasty warm and has very good wicking properties. The Ear flap is made from Organic Bamboo cotton blend that provides antibacterial, hypoallergenic, wicks and dries well. Both caps size: Small/medium (21 - 22.5") & Medium/Large (22.5 - 24").

All fabric on our cycling caps are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.

The tierra caliente & tierra fria handmade cycling caps are available... HERE.

*Lucho Hererra brought it all together in 1984, as an amateur, becoming the first Colombian rider to win the famed Alpe d'Huez stage in the Tour.