The New Presta Winter Wool Cycling Cap

The New Presta All-Wool Winter Cycling Cap with
Bamboo cotton blend ear flap by
Red Dots Cycling.

Winter here, in Vancouver, is a mixture of cold and rain and more cold and rainy weather.

That means, the business is trying to stay warm on my cold outings. No need to have snow to complete the scene, thank you very much. Having endured frigid cold Albertan winters through my early years, the wet-coast winters are mild in comparison but are cold
and damn humid.

Enter the new Presta 100% Wool Winter Cycling Cap by Red Dots Cycling!

It's made of British Super Fine Wool, just right for your winter chill. We all know the importance of wool: hard wearing, mildew resistant, water repellent (great for Vancouver winters), hypoallergenic, lightweight and a natural insulator.

The ear flap is made of a new Bamboo Cotton blend fabric. Bamboo is an organic product, more antibacterial than cotton or wool. Good insulating properties to help the wearer stay warm in the winter. And another important asset for cyclists is that it wicks moisture. Bamboo is amazingly soft and comfortable to the skin feeling like cashmere.

And, of course, the Presta winter cycling cap fits just right under your helmet. Two sizes available: Small/Medium (21-22.5") and Medium/Large (22.5-24"). And, it's black with a very small grey dot pattern. This superb wool winter cap will keep you warm on your winter rides and also looks good on your daily errands about town.