Jeremy Storie: My Homage

Jeremy introducing the riders, 
January 2007, Burnaby Velodrome.
All photos©Cycling Art Blog

I am sadden by the unexpected passing of BC cycling coach Jeremy Storie.

Well known in the BC cycling community, Jeremy was involved with Symmetrics road team, Escape Velocity where he founded Vancouver's dEVo youth development team.

I have the best seat in the velodrome!

I had the pleasure of meeting him after my first cycling art show back in January 2007. After seeing my  cycling art exhibit, he contacted me requesting two art prints. I invited him to my studio to collect his framed prints. That was the first time I met Jeremy. He loved my artwork and I remember him offering me some advice saying, 'that my prints should be priced higher'. That was Jeremy, point blank and direct not to insult but to support.

He was involved with the Burnaby Velodrome as coach, program/race director. We chatted and he graciously invited me to exhibit my artwork during a six-day track event at the Burnaby Velodrome. He wanted to help me expose my artwork at the velodrome and I was very happy for the opportunity from Jeremy. I remember him as an organizing force to behold, and distinctly remember him fondly with a toque on and microphone doing the play by play of every race. He had so much energy.

My condolences to his family and friends... Jeremy will be missed.

A Celebration of Life in memory of Jeremy Storie March 2nd Noon-2pm, Surrey, BC.